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This is the website of Dr. Charles R. Shawley, Ph.D., hunter, author, and former writer for AR Guns & Hunting and Predator Xtreme magazines. Well, they still occasionally run my articles, but they remove my name from the byline so as not to offend FoxPro.

This site is devoted to the hunting of predators. Hopefully, it will provide you with pertinent information related to hunting Canis latrans, also known as the coyote.

Take a few minutes to explore the site. Dr. Shawley is currently looking for people to read advanced copies of his e-book, Hunting the Hunters Vol. 1: The Coyote. Don't forget to take a look at the photo gallery too.

"The sportsman lives his life vicariously. For he secretly yearns to have lived before, in a simpler time. A time when his love for the land, water, fish and wildlife would be more than just part of his life. It would be his state of mind."

-Jim Slinsky


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